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Top 5 Computer Science Jobs and Scope in India

Top 5 Computer Science Job’s in India

Top 5 computer science in india and scope
Top 5 computer science job’s in india and scope

1.Software Developer

  • Software Developer is a person that creates software either for companies or peoples.
  • Software Development often means more than just designing or writing the software, it usually means someone who manages the project, or does only the main things.
  • Most Software Developers are still led by a lead programmer ( a software engineer that guides the project).

2.Database Administrator (DBA)

  • A Database Administrator (DBA) is a specialized computer system administrator who maintain a successful database environment by directing or performing all related activities to keep the data secure.
  • The top responsibilities of a DBA professional is to maintain data integrity . This means the DBA will ensure that the data is secure from unauthorized access but is available to users.

3.Computer Hardware Engineer

  • Computer Hardware engineer research, design, develop and test computer system and components such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices, networks and routers.
  • It has design new computer hardware, creating schematics of computer equipment to be built.
  • Test the Computer Hardware they design.

4.Computer System Analyst

  • Computer System Analyst help companies or other organizations use computer technology effectively and efficiently . They incorporate new technology into current system after doing cost-benefit analyses to determine whether it is financially sound and will serve the entity well.
  • They research and evaluate new technologies, consult with clients, identity the organizational needs of IT systems, over see installation etc.

5.Computer Network Architect

  • A Computer Network Architect design and builds data communication networks.
  • These can include Local Area Network (LAN), Wide Area Network (WAN), and intranets which can range from a small connection to a multinational series of globally distributed communication systems.
  • Computer Network Architect also tech care of upgrading software like network drivers and hardware, such as adapters or routers.

These are the “Top 5 Computer Science Jobs and Scope in India” . Regarding any confusion, error, and spelling mistake please comment and also suggest which topic we cover in next article.

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