TCS NQT MCQ With Answers | Numerical Ability | ONLINE TEST -

TCS NQT MCQ With Answers | Numerical Ability | ONLINE TEST

TCS NQT MCQ With Answers | Numerical Ability | ONLINE TEST

Welcome to your TCS NQT MCQ With Answers | Numerical Ability | ONLINE TEST

Two persons were approaching each other at 12 km/hr and 24km/hr respectively. A train moving in the same direction as the faster man took 25 seconds to cross him and 15 seconds to cross the other one. Find the speed of the train(in km/hr).

A shopkeeper sells an item at Rs. 368.55 after giving a discount of 25% on its labelled price. Had he not given the discount, he would have earned a profit of 17% on its cost price. What is the cost price (in Rs) of the item?

A business lady bought 400 handbags. She sold 100 of them at a profit of 20% and the rest at 10% profit. Find the overall profit percentage.

What is the value of k in the expression given below: [2k - 40 x (28/35) + 48 - ( - 18) x (-2)] x (12 - 8) = (64/24) x 6 + 4

Let x, y, and z be the mean, median and range, respectively of the following data: 10, 7, 12, 21, 37, 14, 19, 28, 18, 12, and 42. What is the value of (x + y - z)?

The expenditure of Rashmi is equal to 225% of her savings. If her income increases by 20% and the expenditure increases by 40%, then her savings will __________.

Sachin borrows Rs,53000 from a moneylender and promises to pay him the total amount after 6 months at the rate of 20 percent per annum simple interest.Due to non payment after 6 months, the moneylender calculates the simple interest at 30 percent per annum on the principal amount for the overdue period. Find the total amount to be paid by Sachin after 1 year.

Find the smallest number that leaves respective remainders of 4,5,6, and 7 on division by 5,6,7, and 8 respectively?

A number 452p36 is such that it is divisible by 36. What can the value of p^2 be? Options:

Adil shared 40% of his marbles with Banti and 50% of the remaining with Babli. Banti equally distributed 20% of his marbles between Adil and Babli and is left with 16 marbles. How many Marbles did Adil have originally?

What is the area of the triangle ABC, where AB=10 cm, BC=10 cm and CA=16 cm?

In 75% of the time that B takes to do a piece of work, A does half the work. Together they take 18 days to complete the work. C alone can complete the same work in 24 days. All the three started the work together but B left 5 days before the completion of the work. In how many days was the whole work completed?

Let x be the least number which when divided by 12,15,18,20,27 and 30, the remainder in each case is 1 and x is a multiple of 47. The sum of the digits of x is: Options:

An electronics item dealer can earn a profit of 5%, even after allowing a 30% discount. He wanted to clear his old stock, so he offered a scheme of three successive discounts of 12%. What could be his minimum profit % approximately?

The cost price of an article is Rs. X. Ambuj marks a new price on it and after allowing a discount of 20% on the newly marked price, he sells it for Rs. 1.2X. He sells a second article whose marked price is twice the marked price of the first article, at a discount of 50%. Find the ratio of the selling price of first article to the second article.

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