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Ladies and gentlemen flipkart answers today 25 november

Flipkart is a E-commerce Website and Hosting a Ladies vs Gentlemen. Every day it brings a no. of questions for it’s user to play and win rewards. By answering them correctly you can win exciting prizes. The questionnaire is based on questions related to general knowledge. The users can win free vouchers and super coins, among other offers via the daily quiz.

Ladies vs Gentlemen quiz answer 25 nov

How to Play Flipkart Ladies vs Gentlemen Contest?

Step 1 : Download Flipkart App to Play Store or App Store

Step2: After downloading open the app and signup now

Step3: Go to the Games section and search now Ladies v/s Gentleman contest

Step4: Select Ladies vs Gentleman and start answering

Flipkart Ladies VS Gentlemen Today Quiz Answer 25 November 2020

Question 1: What % Of Men Think It Is Alright To Stare At Other Women Even While Their Partners Are With Them ?

Answer: 50%

Question 2: What % Of People Believe That A Relationship With A Divorcee Is A Problem ?

Answer: 60%

Question 3: What % Of People Believe That Women Cry On The Smallest Of Issues ?

Answer: 70%

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