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Is India facing Petrol, Diesel shortage? Know what Government said as petrol shortage rumours lead to panic buying

Petrol Shortage in India 2022: Amid the latest reports that fuel stations are drying in several parts of India, the Central Government clarified that there is no crisis or supply issue with Petrol and diesel shortages in the country. The Government of India, while responding to the rumors of petrol, and diesel shortage in India, said that sufficient supplies are being made available in all the states to cater to the growing demand and there is also sufficient fuel to take care of any of the demand surges.

The Petrol, and diesel shortage rumors recently sparked a panic buying in various states of the country where the long queues at petrol pumps were seen over the weekend in Rajasthan, Gujarat’s Ahmedabad, and Uttarakhand. It further led many dealers to close their outlets due to the overcrowding.

Petrol Shortage in India 2022: What is leading to the crisis?

The Petroleum dealers have complained that Bharat Petroleum (BPCL) and Hindustan Petroleum (HPCL) have restricted the supply of the fuel. The government-owned oil and gas producers are reportedly providing only 33 percent of the total demand, which is leading to a crisis.

The private sector companies have also, reportedly, stopped the sale of the fuel at the pumps owned by them.

Rajasthan Petroleum Dealers Association also sent a letter to the Petroleum Minister Hardeep Singh Puri complaining about the scarcity of supplies.

Petrol, Fuel Shortage in India: What are the oil companies saying?

After the reports of Oil Shortage in India, Indian Oil had put a statement on Twitter that there was an availability of fuel at their outlets.

Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited (HPCL) also said that it was committed to the uninterrupted supply of the auto fuels in the markets. The corporation also asked the customers to not to panic.

Petrol Shortage in India 2022: Which of the states are facing the crisis?

Long queues have been reported in Uttarakhand and Ahmedabad in Gujarat as rumors of fuel shortage surfaced during the weekend in some of the cities.

In Dehradun, Uttarakhand, the local petrol pump associations issued a clarification that there was no shortage of petrol and diesel and the administration even initiated a probe in the matter and has warned of the strict action against the rumors.

Like Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh has also alleged that the public sector companies are not supplying the sufficient quantities of petrol and diesel.

Petrol-Diesel Shortage in India 2022: What Government said on petrol shortage?

While commenting on the rumours of petrol, diesel shortage in India, the Government of India clarified that the production of petrol, diesel in India is more than sufficient to take care of any demand surge. However, the unprecedented growth has created some temporary logistics issues at the local level.

The increase in petrol, diesel demand in India has been on account of a seasonal surge in demand because of the agricultural activities and a substantial reduction in the states by the private oil companies. However, the oil companies have geared up to tackle these issues by increasing the stocks at the depots and the terminals.

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