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Current Affairs Quiz with Answer January 2021 helps to the students for preparing their exam in various fields such as UPSC, SSC, IBPS and NTPC etc. We will provide different number of question set paper in online mode, If student are interested to give exam in online mode then they can easily go with exam section page and start the test.

Current Affairs Quiz with Answer January 2021: Top 30 Questions (Set- 2)

Que 1: Recently a country has banned cotton and tomato product import from China’s Xinjiang region?

a) USA

b) India

c) United Kingdon

d) Germany

Que 2: Choose the correct statement regarding Gareeb Kalyan Rozgar Yojana

i) It was launched on June 20, 2020, by Prakash Javedkar

ii) It aims to provide employment to migrant workers 

a) Only i

b) Only ii

c) Both i and ii

d) None 

Que 3: Which of the US Presidents has been impeached twice in the history of the nation?

a) Bill Clinton

b) Donald Trump

c) John F Kennedy

d) None of the above 

Que 4: India does not conduct a navy exercise with which of the following?

a) Sweden

b) Bangladesh

c) Myanmar

d) USA

Que 5: Which scheme has been recently launched that would contribute to Urban forests in India?

a) Urban Vegetation scheme 2020

b) Nagar Van scheme

c) Indian Forest Development 2020

d) None of the above 

Que 6: Which of the Indian maritime projects is implemented to counter China’s presence in the Indian Ocean?

a) Sagarmala project

b) Malabar exercise

c) String of pearls

d) Mausam 

Que 7: Which country’s armed forces will be participating in Republic Day Parade 2021?

a) Myanmar

b) USA

c) UK

d) Bangladesh

Que 8: Choose the correct statement about Pongal

i) It is celebrated in the month of Thai in Tamil Nadu

ii) This marks the harvest season in South India and corresponds with Makar Sankranti 

a) Only i

b) Only ii

c) Both i and ii

d) None of the above 

Que 9: What is the name of India’s first indigenous 9mm Machine Pistol?


b) Carbine

c) Glock 17

d) None 

Que 10: Which place has recently reported wildfire in India?

a) Nubra Valley

b) Liddar Valley

c) Chenab Valley

d) Dzukou Valley

Que 11: What is India’s rank on the Henley and Partner’s Passport Index 2021?

a) 85th rank

b) 88th rank

c) 18th rank

d) 108th rank

Que 12: Which of the following statements about Lord Basaveshwara is correct?

i) He was the inventor of ‘Janaeu’, a holy thread worn by Brahmins

ii) He worked for the upliftment of women in the society

a) Only i

b) Only ii

c) Both i and ii

d) None 

Que 13: Whose Birth Anniversary is Parakram Diwas?

a) Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose

b) Atal Bihari Vajpayee

c) Sardar Vallabh Bhai Patel

d) Lal Bahadur Shashtri

Que 14: What is an immunity passport?

a) A passport issued to the most frequent travellers across the world

b) A certificate which states that the person is immune to COVID-19

c) Passport issued to doctors and healthcare workers

d) Passport issued to diplomats

Que 15: Who was Lord Basaveshwara?

a) He is the God of the Parsees

b) He is the God of the home also called Vastu

c) This is the name given to social reformers of the 16th century

d) He is a Kannada social reformer

Que16: Choose the correct statement from the following regarding Biodiversity

i) In-situ conservation of biodiversity is done within the natural habitat of the species.

ii) Ex-situ conservation involves breeding and maintenance of endangered species in artificial ecosystems.

a) Only i

b) Only ii

c) Both i and ii

d) None of the above 

Que 17: Which is the most powerful passport in the world

a) Japan

b) Singapore

c) UK

d) USA

Que 18: Choose the correct statement regarding Bharat Ratna 

a) It is the highest civilian honour of the world given to three people 

b) The first Bharat Ratna was received by CV Raman 

c) It is a circular trophy with a cash prize 

d) Only 3 persons can receive the award in one year

Que 19: Regarding the ongoing demand of Sindhudesh choose the correct statement?

i) It is a demand for a separate homeland for Sindhis’ proposed by Sindhi nationalist parties 

ii) It would either be autonomous within India or independent from it

a) Only i

b) Only ii

c) Both i and ii

d) None of the above 

Que 20: When will nation-wide COVID-19 vaccination process begin?

a) January 16, 2021

b) January 21, 2021

c) January 18, 2021

d) January 20, 2021

Que 21: Regarding India’s COVID vaccination programme choose the statement that is in congruence 

i) India would vaccinate 30 crore people in phase 1 and 3 crores in phase 2

ii) Vaccination programme was scheduled from January 16, 2021

a) Only i

b) Only ii

c) Both i and ii

d) None of the above 

Que 22: Which educational body is involved in the organization of Toycathon 2021?





Que 23: Indian Army has signed a contract with ideaForge for which things procurement 


b) Tejas LCA 

c) BVR Missile 

d) Electronic Warfare Suite 

Que 24: Which country is holding elections after 14 years of drought in politics

a) Jerusalem

b) Palestine 

c) Thailand

d) Turkey

Que 25: Choose the correct statement about Lumpy Skin Disease

i) It is a viral disease that is caused by lumpy skin disease virus, a member of the Capripoxvirus genus of the Poxviridae family. 

ii) It is affecting the birds across the country

a) Only i

b) Only ii

c) Both i and ii

d) None of the above 

Que 26: Choose the correct statement about LCA Tejas MK-1A

i) Tejas Mk-1A is an indigenously designed but developed in Russia

ii) It has an indigenous content of 50% which will reach 60% by the end of the programme

a) Only i

b) Only ii

c) Both i and ii

d) None of the above 

Que 27: India shares its rank with which country in Henley’s and Partners Passport Index

a) Pakistan

b) Tajikistan

c) Iran

d) Mauritius

Que 28: Choose the correct statement in regard to SSA Control Centre

i) The SSA launched by ISRO would monitor low Earth orbit- LEO

ii) The dedicated control centre is for the SSA’s work is being done under project NETRA

a) Only i

b) Only ii

c) Both i and ii

d) None of the above 

Que 29: When is army day celebrated in India?

a) January 1

b) January 15

c) January 31

c) January 26

Que 30: What does a visa score in Henley and Partners Passport Index 2021 mean?

i) The rank of the country means how many countries the citizens can visit without pre-approved Visa

ii) The citizens of countries with the top 10 ranks can travel to any other country without any passport

a) Only i

b) Only ii

c) Both i and ii

d) None 

Note:- Is there any doubt on the given question and answer such as incomplete question, options, wrong answer and spelling mistakes etc., Please comment on the given below, Our team review it and then update.

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